BBC News app reaches smart televisions 17 June 2011 BBC News has developed an application for internet-connected televisions to complement its 24-hour television news channel and web site. Initially available free of charge on Samsung Smart TVs through their apps store, it will later become accessible on a range of connected devices and displays, with an international version to include advertising. The television app accompanies news applications previously made available for smartphones and tablets. It will soon be joined by a global version of the iPlayer, initially available on the iPad in Europe for a monthly fee.

“Internet-connected TV is developing as a medium and presents an exciting and engaging complement to our existing TV services,” explained Phil Fearnley, the general manager for news and knowledge in the BBC future media department. “Looking forward, we are particularly interested in creating seamless, personalised, and location-aware experiences of BBC News across all connected devices — mobiles, tablets, computers and TVs.”

“Although the connected TV market is still in its infancy and the medium is not yet a mainstream proposition, our plan is to build on this initial launch with Samsung and we’re looking to work with other manufacturers to bring our product to their platforms as quickly as possible — technically, as it’s built in HTML, it can be repurposed simply for a wide range of different operating systems and devices.”

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