Household penetration of in-home connected TV devices will have reached nearly double that of broadband and pay-TV connections by 2016, according to new projections from Informa Telecoms & Media (publisher of IPTV News).

Writing in a blog post, Andrew Ladbrook, senior analyst for the connected home at Informa, states: "Finally, there are more screens capable of accessing both the internet and premium content than there are users in the home. Users will no longer have to worry about waiting for the PC to get to log-in on Facebook, or sit idly and watch a TV program they don’t like.

"Instead their entertainment needs –whether fulfilled by the internet or by Pay-TV – can be met instantly," adds Mr. Ladbrook. "The key question is can broadband and pay-TV providers find a way of taking this opportunity of personal screens and creating personal relationships?"

this will be very good news for those who wants to enjoy both the services like internet and television.


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